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Apple to update iPhone OS for Snow Leopard Server compatibility on September 9th ?

It’s hard buzz in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server public discussion forums, on Apple’s website. Indeed, as LeMagIT reported last Friday, the iPhone is, at présent, unable to enjoy some of the collaborative features of Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server : the current iPhone OS doesn’t « listen » to Push notifications sent by iCal Server ; it does not connect to AddressBook Server, due to lack of CardDAV support ; it seems to be dumb to Snow Leopard Server push mail notifications and unable to declare itself as a recipient for those notifications.

It’s even more disappointing that, since it 3.0 revision, iPhone OS integrate XMPP libraries. They’re used be Apple’s MobileMe push notifications – and not by a Jabber IM client… But, for the iPhone to support Snow Leopard Server push notifications, it needs to search for them – and it doesn’t seam to do so with IMAP and CalDAV servers – and express itself to the server as a client for those notifications.

All these things have dragged attention in Apple discussion forums – as well as the lack of delegation functions on Snow Leopard Client (at least; may be in the server as well). Apple invited the media to an event next week. And it’s rumored that iPhone OS 3.1 might be released by that time – it current beta, release by the end of july, appears to due to expire on September the 18th. A new version that is hoped to integrate CardDAV support as well as XMPP push notification support for Snow Leopard Server mail service.

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