Peeling phones : Nokia tries to ignore the issue ?

This is an english summary of my modest investigation regarding Nokia peeling phones.
My E65 I bought back in fabruary started peeling in the beginning of July : the rubber cover simply tears off.
Yesterday, I’ve been asking the Nokia e-Care support service for repair under warranty. I’ve just been answered that the limited warranty doesn’t cover misuse issues and that repair will be for myself. While I don’t think the peeling issue is any misuse issue, I decided to get out and ask google.
Then I found many testimonies about peeling issues ont the E65, but also the N76 and 5500.

Now, I’m going back to Nokia PR people and Nokia e-Care to ask for a change in the peeling issue policiy. Feel free to testify here.

Update 22/08/2007 12:05 : Nokia e-Care just called me back after I asked them to for the second time. They asked me to have the phone sent to them by a service center for free repair.